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right? they're like, no, it's the petersons'. i'm like, really? like they were the nicest people. >> reporter: the deaths were discovered tuesday after kathy peterson didn't show up for work for a second day. this afternoon, her employer, technology company black bird technologies, issued is a state that said in part, kathy will be remembered as a high-energy devoted parent who always had a smile to share. she often told stories about her sons, their sports and community activities. she is already missed. reverend tom per lynn berlin is pastor at the church they attended. >> a lot of members of this community are very sad, very grieved and very troubled. what the community knows is this is a family they loved. their children had lost friends. they've lost friends. and knowing the grief they share, it's a chance to length and talk about that. >> reporter: there will be a candlelight vigil for the peterson family tonight at the floris united methodist church
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on frying pan road. the vigil will begin at 7:30. jackie bensing, news4. a stiff sentence for a man who was convicted of burglarizing nine businesses in montgomery county. today paul holt was sentenced to 75 years in prison. the state's attorney's office said holt stole from a church, a funeral home, among other businesses. during his crime spree that occurred in july. he hid his face from surveillance cameras using an umbrella. prosecutors called it blase ant disregard for the law and praised the judge for that sentence. an elderly man drove into a home in maryland today. the car careened through the garage, and ended up in the dining room. the 70-year-old driver was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be fine. police say he did not live at the home. the husband and wife who did live there were inside at the
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time but were not injured. building inspectors are examining the home to determine if it can still be inhabited. are they or aren't they conflicting reports about whether the nfl is close to a deal to get its regular referees back on the field. one thing we do know, the two sides are still talking, but the referees union is disputing reports that it's close to an agreement to get back on the field this weekend. the big issue in negotiations right now is the referees pension benefits. major mistakes by replacement refs have sparked outrage. most of it directed at the nfl. the "new york post" pokes fun at the issue with its cover page this morning, oh, say, can't you see. it's almost time for repair work to begin on the washington monument. it has been closed now since the damage done to it during the earthquake more than a year ago. as tony reports, the national park service has hired a company that is already familiar with the city's famous lapped mark.
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landmark. >> reporter: they got the go-ahead for this contract, the same company that's been doing minor repairs to the washington monument over the last few years. we got the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that did significant damage to the washington monument. one of the first things they'll repair is the elevator. that will get the crew up and down. then they will be putting scaffolding up both around the bottom and all the way to the top. they'll be filling in cracks, removing stones and replacing them. they say it will be about 60 days before they can begin the repairs, and about 18 months before they're done. so you can imagine a lot of d.c. residents and visitors are pretty bummed they won't be able to get in until 2014. >> i came here over the summer with relatives and wanted to take them up. it was unfortunate that they couldn't go up and see the views and see the sights. they probably won't be back for a while. i think it's tough for people that it's sort of once in a lifetime experience to have to miss it. >> if you had a message to the
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contractor, what would it be? >> hurry up. >> reporter: one of the major concerns that was brought up today was that the company is starting repairs going into the winter. now, they were saying they're banking on the fact we didn't have a harsh winter last year and hoping that continues this year. again, if we do have a harsh winter, that will push the repairs date past 2014. >> those repairs are expected to cost about $15 million. they're being funded through congress, and d.c. businessmen and philanthropist david huben stein. a tractor-trailer hauling a shipment of chicken nuggets flipped over on the beltway this afternoon. you know what that did, snarled traffic for miles. it collided with a car near the vw parkway. two people were hurt. but they're expected to be okay. that truck spilled chicken nuggets and diesel fuel, so they had to shut down lanes to clean it up. we're in a bit of an unsettled pattern there. >> what exactly does that mean?
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>> well, wendy, it means we have a chance for shower activity between now, and say, during the day on saturday. when are we going to see that rain? that's the biggest problem with these forecasts. it's a tough forecast today. we did see a few showers earlier this morning, a few more this afternoon. mostly to the north and west. and that's where i think we do have the best chance of seeing those showers. 83 the temperature right now with winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour. a very warm afternoon. temperatures well above average by about five to ten degrees. look at the numbers, 85 in la platea. 79 right now in gaithersburg. and 81 up toward frederick. hagerstown has seen some showers, temperature at 76 degrees there. you can see a few areas of rain around the pennsylvania/maryland border, back towards frostberg and just north of baltimore. a lot of shower activity and some thunderstorm activity trying to make its way our way. but once again, most of this will stay to our north and west. i'll come back a little bit later on to talk about this
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unsettled pattern, what it means for you over the next couple of davis and what you can expect and when you may need that umbrella. >> all righty. there is new help for residents who are looking to buy a home in d.c., or in prince george's county. it's called city lift. that's a program that kicked off today. qualifying buyers can get up to $20,000 for a down payment on a new home. and there's an educational element to this as well to teach people how to avoid foreclosure. this is a joint effort sponsored in part by the city and the county, and wells fargo bank, to help boost home ownership in this region. if we can give a little extra boost to first-time home buyers or buyers ready to reenter the housing market, we can create a new generation of homeowners and kick start the local housing markets. with interest rates at an all-time low like we're seeing right now, the fact is that affordability is at an all-time high. >> homeowners can attend a free two-day event next week to find out if they qualify for this
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down payment help. that will be friday and saturday, october 5th and 6th, at the washington convention center. what the crook did when he encountered police. not an easy process, we'll show you how vdot is making room for those express lanes. i'm tom sherwood. finally, after 23 years, economic development is coming economic development is coming to southeast washin this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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ledge erdary singer, tv host, emm andy williams has died.
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♪ moon river ♪ wider -- >> it was that song "moon river" that carried him to world fame. but man, did he have a voice. his publicist said williams died last night at his home in branson, missouri, after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. he was a native of iowa, who began singing with his brothers as a child and went on to sing many hits including "butterfly," "can't get used to losing you," so many more. williams was 84 years old. after 23 years of talking about and hoping for a new development, southeast washington is finally going to get a total makeover. first, the old building has to come down. tom sherwood joins us with what's planned to replace the neighborhood eye sore. >> reporter: with a few ceremonial whacks, hopeful citizens looking on. city leaders welcomed the end of 23 years of fighting over the
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shopping center in southeast. that will become a new mix of housing and retail, including plans for a new walmart for the mix to low, moderate and high-income neighborhoods nearby. and to bolster more modest attempts at new retail in recent years. >> it's a nice community. what we don't have are the amenities of cleveland park and georgetown, et cetera. we deserve that. we don't have it, but we believe we will get it. this is a starting point. >> reporter: longtime civic leader paul savage has lobbied more than 20 years and three different mayors for the changes that could also benefit suburb prince george's county. >> historically those people, african-americans in particular, formerly lived in washington and still have that connection. >> reporter: former mayor anthony williams in the early 2000s used imminent domain to acquire the property and vincent gray has fought off six lawsuits over ownership. with only one more minor one remaining.
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>> if there were folks who wanted to give up or did give up, it's perfectly understandable. >> sky land is a reality. and we are really on the move in ward 7. >> you'll be happy to know i will not be working on this construction project. >> reporter: mayor gray said the city will monitor construction to see that it stays on schedule. >> this is the actualization. this is bringing to fruition the promises that we made. >> reporter: in southeast washington, along alabama avenue, tom sherwood, news4. >> the 18-acre site is at the major intersection of alabama avenue, good hope road and nailer road. it includes nearly 500 new homes. that's quite a transformation. >> it was a beautiful day to tear down a building, wasn't it? >> we were talking how great that would be. >> we want to work on that crane. if you donate enough money, you could tear down a wall or something, have a contest. >> now we're talking. get that started.
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go to our website, go to wendy's hash tag, twitter, dotcom thing. last couple of days our temperatures have been in the 70s, even upper 60s. it has been crisp. we've seen plenty of sunshine and bright blue skies. today, we're kind of flipping the page a little bit back to summer. temperatures into the 80s right now. a little bit of haze, clouds in the atmosphere. 83 degrees the current number out at the airport. winds out of the southwest at 12 miles per hour. it's the southwesterly wind that has helped us get as warm as we have today. 81 in frederick. 81 in baltimore. to the north and west, this is where it's been a little cooler. 76 in hagerstown. that is where we've also seen a bit in the way of shower activity. showers in frontbustberg. most of us as we talked about
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yesterday, have remained on the dry side. that's going to be the case for most of the night tonight, too. tomorrow and friday could be a little bit of a different story. once again, a very tough forecast. take a look at what's going on here. we have the frontal boundary just off to the north. one thing you notice here, most of the showers staying well to our north and west. as we widen out, i want to show you what's happening. wendy says, why is this an unsettled pattern? well, this is our frontal boundary just sitting there. if it sags to the south, we get pretty good rain. if it stays to the north, we stay on the warm side. there's one, two, three, four pieces of energy that we're watching. it's not just one storm. not just one storm, it is a multitude of storms. right now, there's four of them out there. could be a couple more. we have to watch each one to see if it goes a little bit farther to the south. this one could clip our area later on tonight. we do expect at least a chance for some showers. nice and warm to the south of this front. to the north, it's only in the 60s up there.
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the front tries to make its way down here. right back up tomorrow once again. just a few chances for showers, maybe a rumble of thunder or two. but not a washout. any of the next couple of days. friday, with this frontal boundary, i think friday is the best chance to see some rain across the entire area. so right now, we're going for about a 50% chance of rain on friday. maybe 60%. i think friday will be the best chance to use that umbrella. once again, i'm still not talking about a washout anytime soon. saturday right now, actually looking pretty good. this evening, very nice. partly cloudy. nice and warm with showers possible. temperatures 70 to 75 degrees. as you move on through the night tonight and into early tomorrow morning, i think pretty nice, at least on the mild side. yes, we do expect a few showers possible, especially to the north and west. temperatures mild, 57 to 65 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, isolated showers, a warm day, temperatures 79 to 84. a day much like today with a little bit better chance of showers off to the west. next couple of days showing a better chance of rain on friday.
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saturday right now i've taken the rain chance out and put it back in on sunday. i've kept it out monday, tuesday and wednesday. as temperatures get back down into the 70s, summer here for a couple of days and fall moves in back week. >> thank you, doug. still to come, going to college from the comfort of your home and it is free. a local college is reaching out for a night class and continuing their education. plus, the daddy/daughter photos that have struck a chord with thousands of people around the world. how two brothers are using their foom family to help deal with loss. coming up later at 6:00, iran's plane is in our region. we'll get ans
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a nice story tonight.
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>> this is an incredible story. the last two years have been very tough for rafael and ra feek douglas, the two high school football players, lost both their mother and father. they leaned on school football and friends at school to get through. >> he wasn't really strict, but he was on us. he wanted us to be a better man than he was. >> me being in the middle, i always butted heads with my dad. but he was tough on me. and he tried to instill -- he tried to instill the fact he wanted me to are better than he was. >> reporter: one of the greatest lessons of all is that life isn't fair. it was a lesson learned well before their time with the loss of their father in 2008. >> i was heart broken about that, you know. but i tried to step up as a man, to try to be there for my younger brother and my sister and my mom. >> reporter: then two years later on august 25th, 2010, at
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just 43 years old, their mother passed away. >> my mom, she never -- she never got sick. i remember through my whole life she only got sick one time. >> it really was hard. i lost, you know, two of my family members. and then to have to see them every day, their boys, just be strong. had to see the sadness. and i didn't always know what to say, or what to do to help them. >> reporter: it was in their dark earth hours that the community rallied around the douglas boys. the football team became their surrogate family and the field their sanctuary. >> i saw that when i would be alone, or, or be by myself that that's when it would hit me the hardest. with football, you know, i had a hobby to do, a social activity to do, and that helped me cope through it a whole lot.
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i knew i had my football family. >> the guys out on the football field, they support me, and encouraged me to do better, just like my parents did. so i tried to play for those guys as well as my parents. >> reporter: the boys have become stars on the field and found peace in being the type of young men their parents envisioned they'd become. >> they inspire my sons, my family. i know they inspire their teammates. they inspire this community. they're easy to cheer for. and they are great football players. >> i've been through a lot. and football has really helped me personally. and i feel like everybody should find, something like football, to help them in tough times. everything i've been through in life, i have the feeling that i can be better than my dad. >> reporter: zachary keach.
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>> the father's cousin is now their legal guardian. she's a single mother with two kids of her own. a local builder finished her basement for free giving them more room for the boys. the douglas brothers have excelled on the field and in the classroom. they both have right around a 3.0 gpa and have college interest from colleges all over the country. >> that's good. it's good they've got each other. >> i think a lot of people are rooting for those two young men. >> deservedly. what's happening with the nfl and with the refs? >> the referee situation is getting closer to getting resolved. the two parties are arguing over very minute details right now. they're hoping they might be able to get them on the field for this weekend's games. probably not the thursday night game, which obviously is tomorrow, but if they could be out there for the weekend games, that would solve a lot of problems. >> a relief for fans. >> absolutely. when we come back, making
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room for the express lanes. >> i'm richard jordan live in alexandria. that express lanes project causing some issues in this community. and things are getting heated. now that some trees have come down. i'll explain ahead. plus, he enlisted during world war ii. and he's still a navy man today. meet the guy who spent the last 70 years in service to his country. and the burglary suspect who apparently never got the memo
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. police say the family of four found dead in herndon yesterday died in a murder/suicide. police tell us 57-year-old albert peter son shot his wife, kathy, and their two sons, matthew and christopher, before turning the gun on himself. a vigil is planned for 7:30 at
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the family's church. the nfl and referees union, the sides are said to be close to a deal. nbc news and other outlets say not so fast, however. negotiations are ongoing, but referees and owners are not ready to sign on the dotted line. a big project under way in southwest d.c. crews began demolishing the old sky land shopping center after 20 years of legal battles. it will now be replaced with a mix of housing and retail shops including a planned walmart. doug? >> the temperatures out there right now, take a look. 76 in hagerstown, 83 in washington. to the north of this front, and this is what we're talking about, to the north, very cool air, only 64 in pittsburgh and state college. a better chance of rain towards those areas. in the southern areas, 83 here, 82 in richmond, 84 in roanoke. there is a chance for showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder that will make its way through the rest of the evening and in the overnight hours.
5:30 pm
a massive highway construction project in virginia aims to reduce congestion along 95 and 395. the entire project, 29 miles that runs from garrisonville road to ed edsel road. they're making room for the express lanes. richard jordan live in alexandria. tell us why residents aren't really happy about this. >> reporter: wendy, the express lanes project is supposed to alleviate problems, but some people say it is doing just the opposite. to be fair, the majority of the people who live closest to the construction zone here say they knew this was coming, and they were prepared. nine miles of trees once in the median in i-95 are out. so new lanes can come in. it's the first phase of a 30-month project to expand the interstate express lanes. most of the work won't be near residential areas, but on this map you can see the portion of the project off 395 that borders
5:31 pm
a town home community on stevenson avenue. the area near landmark mall in alexandria will get a new off-ramp. the trees that once stood where the ramp were, are chopped up and ready to be hauled away. this man has lived here for almost two decades. he said without the trees the passing traffic got a little louder. >> it did. we noticed a slight change. >> reporter: mary is sad to see the trees go. she says she wants more studies done on the project because she fears what's coming next. >> there are all kinds of implications, for noise to the neighborhood, implications for pollution. >> reporter: the construction now well under way. transportation officials say all the dirt and debris will ultimately make way for a smoother commute. >> it's progress. it's got to be done. >> reporter: he said the community chose which trees to save, now that ten lucky ones are wrapped in pink tape. but in the end, these will not be the only trees that will be
5:32 pm
left standing. >> there's going to be a sound wall right through the -- alongside of the highway and there will be a certain amount of trees replanted in that area. >> when you look out and see the trees down and the rest of it that's unsightly, but we know it's going to get better. a sound wall is going to go up. and vdot and the company that works for them, they're going to put the vegetation back as best they possibly can before they finish. >> reporter: now, the critics of putting the off-ramp here say they would just like some more information on what the long-term impacts will be. they say they haven't received any indication on whether they will get that. this is a long-term project within itself. the entire project is not expected to be completed until december of 2014. live in alexandria, richard jordan, news4. a longtime employee of clyde's restaurant has pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $650,000 from the company. 55-year-old nancy preston
5:33 pm
oversaw the budget and the accounting from 1982 to 2011. she admitted to taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of restaurant money for her own personal use. preston faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. part of her plea deal, she also agreed to pay clyde's back in cash and stock options, and she will be sentenced in december. a police officer says he ran into a burglar making his getaway through a landover neighborhood. and what the guy was holding was a dead giveaway. on monday the police spotted a man carrying a five gallon jug filled with money on countrywood court. when he tried to talk to the guy he dropped the jug and he took off. they caught up to him a short time later. they found a flat screen tv nearby and noticed the house where the door had been kicked in. 19-year-old da me tri us coles is facing various charges tonight. still ahead, she's the soccer mom accused of running a
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high-end prostitution ring out of her house. the d.c. area dad with a creative way of commemorating his daughter's childhood. now the whole world is taking notice. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education,
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to want the very best public education system for your children.e. the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires.
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doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this week's "wednesday's child" is an extremely bright and engaging 11-year-old who made quite an impression on barbara harrison when she met him. >> she said there's just something special about sur. he's very smart, very polite and just an all-around nice guy. the first time we ran his story, we think the right family just didn't happen to be watching. >> on a recent visit to the national zoo, 11-year-old sur wanted to head straight for the small mammal exhibit. our first stop was the golden lion tam rans, while fascinating to watch, sur, who wants to be a veterinarian some day, really wanted to find his favorite animal of all. so when we saw a zookeeper -- he has a question for you.
5:38 pm
>> do you have hedgehogs? >> reporter: they're his favorite. >> they can turn into a spiked ball to protect themselves from predators. >> reporter: it turns out that zookeeper rebecca smithson just happened to have something to show us. >> i've never been in this part of the zoo. >> most people don't get to go behind the scenes like this. only special people. >> reporter: sur is special. because it was his birthday the day before. and because he's shown so much courage over the years, working hard in school, despite some of the many changes kids have to go through as foster children. >> he's a vivacious, intelligent, smart young man who has a beautiful genuine smile. >> wow. he's so small. >> would you like to pet her back? what does she feel like to you? >> kind of soft, like fur. >> where do you learn all these
5:39 pm
things about animals? >> i just read books about them. >> you do? he wants to be a veterinarian some day. >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: she had a birthday present for sur. >> oh, wow, look at that. >> reporter: a picture and painting done by the hedgehog. the best present would be loving parents for an 11-year-old with a lot of promise. barbara harrison, news4, for "wednesday's child." >> so if you have room in your home or your heart for sur, or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hot line, or you can logon to our website. that sur has it all going on. >> apparently the hedgehog does, too, painting. still to come, he started serving his country in 1942, and he's not done yet. he's among the longest serving civil servants and celebrating 70 here. that story coming up. and the workout that gets
5:40 pm
girls moving and feeling better about themselves. meet the woman who's giving girls a chance to get in shape without the pressures from the outside world. doug? okay, i can take that. out there right now, looking at rain back to the north and west.
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special honors today for a local man who has dedicated his life, his very long life to federal service. >> he has worked for his country for seven decades. all with the u.s. navy. more on this man's remarkable career. >> indeed. you heard the old adage goes, if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life. today we met a man who has been the living embodiment of that saying for the last 70 years. and at his age he's showing no signs of letting up. >> reporter: this may look like a retirement ceremony. plaques, proclamations, hand shakes. but for this man, this ceremony is just part of his work day. 70 years worth of those. from the earliest days as a sailor, he was a radio inspector based at the philadelphia navy
5:44 pm
yard. >> there, of course, we had vacuum 2s. then we moved them to transistors. >> reporter: he was working on the precursors to today's smart weapons like the first guided missiles. the luck of the draw would bring him to washington, with some apprehension. >> there was rumors circulating at the time that the 20 people left behind were going to be part of a kamikaze squadron. >> reporter: by war's end he found a niche helping small businesses take help in big navy projects. $2 billion worth of small business contracts were awarded last year for navy ships, aircraft carriers and submarines. >> we get our best value out of the small businesses. that's usually where our innovation occurs and our cutting-edge ideas happen. >> reporter: for the past five decades or so, it's been his job to make that happen. he hasn't donned a uniform for more than 60 years, but his work with small contractors helped
5:45 pm
u.s. submarine defenses. >> small business played no small role in making sure that the submarine force that we send to the fight today is sent to the fight with capability that is pureless around the world. >> reporter: a big task for an unassuming man. he will be the first to tell you he couldn't have done it alone. the family at work and the family at home stuck with him through life and death. >> i say death, because after a quadruple bypass surgery, you're literally dead for a couple days. >> reporter: even that didn't lead him to retire. >> so, what's the secret to 70 years of service? well, there really is no secret at all if you ask him. and we'll have more on that coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> good for him. that is amazing. just amazing, that you talk about the types of equipment he had, and upgraded to transistors. it's wonderful when we have these people who are living
5:46 pm
history. >> it would have been great to talk to him more, too. >> you'll be back at 6:00? >> yes. here's doug with another check on our weather. still summery? >> still summery, yeah. summer officially ended a couple of days ago. right now, mother nature coming back with s'moummer-like temperatures. a great evening. this might be a good place for you to go. down there along the gaylord national, beautiful conditions. we're going to continue to see those right on through the rest of the night, too. as you make your way through the next couple of nights. the boats there, not too many out on the potomac this evening. but you can see woodrow wilson bridge there. around the region, 81 in dulles, 84 for belvoir. as far as the rain is concerned, no rain out there right now in the immediate area. closest area to hagerstown, back along i-70 in towards
5:47 pm
pennsylvania and the frostburg region. you notice this is where our frontal boundary is and where most of the rain has been to the north and to the west. that's where most of it will remain. we'll see the little impulses. this is one right here. see that little spin in the atmosphere. this is making its way toward the east. as it does so, it's encountering that warmer air and hence we're seeing some thunderstorms develop into portions of west virginia. if these hold together, and it's possible they may, you can just picture where they're going to be going, almost the same location. if you've seen rain today, in the panhandle of virginia, north and west of the city, best chance to see showers during the evening and into the overnight hours tonight. most of us south of d.c., should remain on the dry side. can't rule out showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder this evening and into the overnight hours. hagerstown, frederick, you have the best chance to see rain. temperatures remaining in the 50s overnight. 65 in the washington area. 60 degrees down toward la plata.
5:48 pm
more in the waive of clearing down here. temperatures will be quite nice. nice evening. tomorrow, 83 again in washington. 78 in martinsburg. 84 in culpepper. once again, best chance of rain to the north and west of the d.c. area. i do think we have a better chance of some shower activity in and around the metro area tomorrow. but an even better chance coming up during the day on friday. so we'll be talking about the need for the umbrellas. we're only going to see the showers moving on through. a couple rumbles of thunder coming through. another chance of shower activity and more fall-like temperatures with highs only in the lower 70s over the next couple of days into next week. >> thank you, doug. here's a look at what is trending today. >> take a look. barns & nobles is unveiling new and thinner and high-def tablets to compete with the kindle and others. they're calling it the nook ag.
5:49 pm
the best thing to come along. prices range from $199 for a 7-inch screen to $299 for a 9-inch screen with more memory. ipads cost roughly twice as much and taking a jab at the kindle, barnes & noble said the new nook hd comes without, quote, annoying ads. lady gaga is launching what she calls a body revolution in reports about her weight gain. she posted this picture on her website, little gaga included a caption saying she has struggled with anorexia and bulimia since she was 15. lady gaga, recently said in a radio interview, she put on 25 pounds but has since gone on a diet. a d.c. area man said after his daughter was born he wanted a collection of pictures she could enjoy when she's older. you see, david and his 2-year-old daughter in hilarious poses and scenarios. it began as something to share
5:50 pm
with family and friends. but now it's gone viral with people all over the world seeing them. while some of the pics may look concerning, he said his daughter has never in any way been in harm's way. he'll be live on the "today" show tomorrow morning. after the sad news this week from the national zoo, it is worth remembering that the endangered animal breeding program is having some success for pandas. eight cubs were born in china last year. they're enjoying their new playground at the panda research center. it's to keep the pandas motivated and teach them independence. they say they get little treats to encourage them to keep hanging around on the -- i love how he tries to find his little foot. where am i going. here it is. here it is. love them. cub anything is cute, but especially good to see the
5:51 pm
pandas because they're endangered. a fitness class just for teen girls. >> no boys allowed. we asked these young riders what's your workout. >> they're 45-minute classes for girls age 12 to 17, to come in, and we give them shoes, we give them water, and we have them set up on a bike and 45 minutes' time rocking it out. great, loud, fun music. and they get to party it up on a bike. with no stress, no boys, no judgment. that's our motto. there's so much pressure out there. there's so much competition. it's a place for them to come just for them. they can bring friends, yes. but while you're in there, it's really a time for them. >> it makes me feel good about myself. and it's also really fun at the same time. >> yes! we help everyone set up at the beginning, especially new people
5:52 pm
come in. you go from warm-up into -- we do some movement. we show you different moments, whether it's in the saddle or in the arms. we also a little bit later into the class, we do some weights. so light weights. something that everyone can do. we move around on the bike. that's the fun. we do it a little differently. we dance on a bike as we like to say. but we do it in a safe way. and that everyone can do it. and they choose if they don't want to. we let everyone honor their bodies, as we say. >> it can be hard. if you turn the -- turn it on really high, it gets harder to cycle. if you turn it really low, then it's easier. but yeah, i mean, if you do it right, it's really hard. >> doing it with people you know helps a lot. if someone's having trouble, you can turn to them and give them advice, and they help you a lot, too. >> the fact of the matter is, we're having fun first, and then
5:53 pm
the body changes. it comes after. people have seen such amazing changes. and they happen. >> i'm big on the easy spin cycle. teen cycle is offered tuesdays at 4:30 in the afternoon at zingo fitness. >> we took a spin class together moons ago. >> i told you, we were watching this, i was like, that was like 15 pounds ago. >> it's a workout, though. >> man, it is it. she was accused of running an escort service out of her family home. >> now the so-called soccer mom
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the suburban new york mom who became a tabloid sensation after being dubbed the soccer mom madam pleaded guilty to one count of promoting prostitution.
5:57 pm
prosecutors had been saying this was a sensational case that would surely take down new york's rich and powerful. but as katie reports now, months of buildup ended without a bang. >> reporter: she walked out of court a smile on her lips, her family by her side, a crush of media in her face. >> just a little more space for my family, please. >> reporter: anna christina, the so-called soccer mom madam won't be donning a prison jumpsuit anytime soon. after months of maintaining her innocence, in the end she succumbed to one word, pleading to just one charge. legal expert john kelly. >> victimless crime. >> reporter: christina was arrested back in february. the image of an ordinary suburban mom.
5:58 pm
but what she was accused of was anything but ordinary. prosecutors claim the 44-year-old was running a high-class prostitution ring out of this modest upper east side apartment building. in a jail house interview, christina and her lawyers told matt she was just trying to start a dating service. >> i watched a show called the millionaire matchmaker. a friend of mine had suggested, you know, you would be really good at it. so i had looked into opening up something called, you know, the same thing, except instead of single, it was married and seeking. >> married men looking for someone to have dinner with? >> very much like >> reporter: prosecutors say they investigated the suburban mom for five years. they claim she made millions selling sex to new york's rich and powerful. but in court duds, they stated they couldn't find any evidence she dealt with high-level clients in politics, finance or law enforcement, as they had
5:59 pm
once believed. ultimately christina spent four months behind bars before finally coming up with a $250,000 bond. today i spoke with her exclusively her first night home. >> it's too good to be true. i'm almost scared to go to sleep because i'm going to scared up and i'm not going to be here. >> reporter: but it seems like she'll be able to stay in her home, at least for now. >> that plea deal calls for christina to spend six months behind bars. court observers said since she's nearly spent already half that time, she's not likely to return. new details on what happened to that herndon family of four. a father takes the life of his two children, his wife and then himself. the plane that belongs to the leader of iran has been in our area all week. and we now know who is going to take on the task of fixing the earthquake damage at the washington monument. good evening.

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